Voice Reels: Animation Character Gallery

Listen to the individual characters from Lisa's Animation Reel below.

Animation Demo Characters

Lisa’s Natural Voice (30 something)

Granny Agnes

Sue the Gameshow Hostess (Mid-west US)

Sabrina the Baker (French)

Lisa’s baby cry with Jersey mom Tina plus bonus Tina track (40-something New Jersey, US)

Squeaker (5 year old girl)

Sinister Sarah (Trans-Atlantic)

The Dread Pirate Jax (10 year old girl)

Holly from Darlington Debs (North Carolina Southern Belle)

Candi with an ‘i’ (20-something New Jersey, US)

Simon (8 year old boy)

Debbie-Mae-Luanne (Southern US)

Ethel Mermaid (Brassy US)

Brittney (Valley Girl)