About Me

lisa-rost-wellingWell, what can I say…? That is, what can I say that you’ll find interesting? That is the question.

I hail from the mighty state of New Jersey, amongst the wooded Delaware River valley. I fold my pizza and take my bagels with cream cheese. I have been calling London home for 11 years; a genuine Yank abroad. With my training in theatre and vocal performance, I act, sing, dance (a bit) and lend my voice to a variety of voice overs. Voice acting is a particular passion of mine.

I continue my professional development at The Actors Centre in London, with The VoiceOver Network and with coaches in London and NYC. Always looking on the bright side of life, I’m well travelled and enjoy meeting all sorts of folks. On set, in the booth or in the wings you’ll most likely find me smiling and trying to be helpful.

To be honest, the best things about me are born out of the people and the experiences I’ve been lucky enough to have in my life. They are what make me “me” and – if I play my cards right whilst dutifully eating a well-balanced breakfast – will continue to make me a better person. Outside of that, I put myself out there and take whatever comes, when and if it comes, and I’m thankful for it. Gratitude is invaluable.

Since I was a kid, I’ve loved stories. Real ones, imaginary ones, happy ones, sad ones, choose-your-own-ending ones. To have the opportunity to be part of telling one is an amazing & rewarding experience for me. It took me years to figure out that a person could actually earn a living doing just that. It may be very hard graft at times but it’s fun. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they’re selling something.

The things to know about me: I take chances as/when appropriate, I don’t shy away from hard work, I support those around me and I don’t bother taking myself too seriously. My work? Absolutely. Myself? Not so much. And I wouldn’t exactly sniff at the chance to voice a Disney/Pixar character (villain, princess, sarcastic best friend – I’m really not fussy), appear on Sesame Street or in any adventure alongside the mighty Muppets. Everybody has a dream.

Be happy. Take it away, Jimmy: